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Division 12 encompasses a broad grouping of furnishings and accessories that are installed in a finished space and are considered to be decorative. Used in any type of built space, they may function to support human activity and/or be aesthetically pleasing. They can be selected by an interior designer, specified by an architect or placed by a discerning homeowner. With proper selection, scale and scheme, the chosen furnishings complement a space’s finishes and define its style.

Furnishings are used in both interior and exterior spaces and include: art, casework, tables, seating, furniture and accessories. Art is a communicative object, produced to appeal to the senses in a variety of forms, genres, mediums and styles. Casework includes box shaped assemblies used for display or storage as well as countertops used for horizontal work surfaces. Casework, which can be modular or affixed to the structure, enhances a storage space with functional and decorative doors, drawers and hardware. Multiple seating is used anywhere that audiences congregate, such as in facilities for education, sports, theatre, dining, and religion. The broad range of seating options available include long wooden benches used in churches, fixed tables with benches commonly found in restaurants, and individual chairs configured along rows or in the tiers. Furniture and accessories are generally functional objects used by people to facilitate human movement, offer storage, provide comfort, and have a pleasing appearance.